Elena Eustache - woman of myriad talents

Elena Eustache

Elena Eustache

Woman of Myriad Talents
Owner and Manager of Excellence Yuen

Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


Elena Eustache Biography


Looking at the range of activities in which Elena Eustache is involved, it is hard to believe that there is so much talent and ability packed into one woman. She is an accomplished comedienne who has appeared at several of the best known comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York; she has a company through which she offers counselling and spiritual advice aimed to help her clients improve their relationships and their lives; she is the author of several books; and is proud to be an ambassador for the Swiss charity Horyou, which works with stars and the positive aspects of their spirituality that influence their success. Elena Eustache moved from Czechoslovakia to the United States in 1999, to continue her education at Columbia University in New York, where she studied under William Esper, founder of the Esper Studio, a well-known school of the performing arts. Today, Los Angeles is home to Elena Eustache, where she lives with her son Naveen Joshua, named after his father Naveen Andrews, the British star of Lost, the popular TV series. As well as studying at Columbia University, Eustache has taken courses in several different fields, studying with some of the best and most experienced instructors in their fields, among them Dr. Jayne Major in the field of parenting instruction, Dr. Kam Yuen for Chinese energetic healing, and others.


Healing and helping people


Energy healing is something close to Elena Eustache’s heart, and she uses this method to help her clients find satisfaction and inner peace both with themselves and the world. Using Feng Shui she guides her clients in how to structure their homes and room so as to align items in a way that connects heaven and earth to increase positive impacts and improve life. She is also a certified Cosmopolitan relationship coach, trained by Dr Pat Allen, Dr Eva Cadell and famous Marrienne Williamson. Elena Eustache is a parenting instructor and a recognized Dowser – dowsing is a method of using one’s super-conscious mind to gain insight to unseen information beyond the constrains of one’s logical mind and five senses. Currently Eustache is hoping to become a love and relationship expert, to which end she is working with Dr. Ava Cadell, an expert in the field. She has also written two books - “Yin – How to be Male” and “Yang – How to be Female.” Elena is certainly well-equipped to work in the field of communications, as she can do this in twelve languages.


Entertaining people


Acting has been a much-loved activity for Elena Eustache since she was a child, and her formal acting education began at the young age of 10, when she was enrolled at the Dramatic School of Art in Czechoslovakia. With her keen desire to make people happy, it is not surprising that comedy is an integral part of her repertoire. As well as performing at various clubs, Eustache was recently in a film with Matt Damon, and has also produced a documentary film and has plans for a historical film that she has written. Also in the entertainment field, Elena Eustache has a weekly radio show in which she interviews stars and discusses how they address their personal challenges, and a new comedy series on the web that presents funny, behind the bar scenes.


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